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In the playground, down the park, out in the back garden. What aspiring young footballer hasn't added a bit of commentary to their kickabout? "What a goal!", "He's done it!", "This boy just cannot stop scoring!", it's all part of the wonderful game! showcases the greatest football commentators past and present. Not only that, we provide so much more, opening up the world of football commentary to everyone!


We run the Football Commentary Workshop, where anyone can come along and be a football commentary for a day. You get to meet our commentary experts and pick up the microphone and put your voice to live football action in a truly unique event that has been proving popular since 2009. You get to keep your recorded commentary on DVD too! Click here for more information or call us on 07938 162135.

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We also run Audio Fundays. This is aimed at children aged ten and upwards and to adults too. Great for schools, clubs and community projects. Its great fun and a brilliant way to encourage team building. Unlike everything else we do, we tend not to include any aspect of football commentary in this event. Click here for more information. Call us or email us for more info.


Our network of experienced commentators also allows us to provide a complete range of commentary services. We can provide audio commentary to accompany any filmed football match at any level. Why not turn your big match into something you can remember forever? Check out everything we do by clicking here.


...and don't forget to vote for your all-time favourite football commentator on our Hall of Fame page!